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Importance of Portrait Photography {kauai photographer}

Importance of Professional Portraits


I came to Hawaii for the first time when I was 7 years old on vacation with my family - my sister, parents and grandparents. My father was an amateur photographer and believed in capturing family memories to preserve as family heirlooms and to always be reminded of our love for each other. He had the foresight to commission a professional portrait of us. These portraits are some of my fondest memories I have with my family. All of us straight off the airplane in matching Hawaiian print outfits, smiling with our pink sunburned skin. They bring back the smell of the sugar cane fields, of solar cain being sprayed on burned skin, the taste of the candy leis, my sisters laugh as we cruised endless hours on the hotel elevator. Snorkeling with my father. Especially time with my father, who tragically passed away in a car accident a few years later. These portraits transport me and preserve a time that reminds me of what a wonderful father he was and how much he loved us. So DON'T WAIT, portraits are important and don't need to be perfect. They just NEED TO HAPPEN and what better place than on a Kaua'i vacation! You will be in good hands with us. We know how to make you look your best and you are guaranteed to love your photographs! -Mahalo nui loa,


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