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beach portraits for the physically challenged {kauai family portraits}

I have had the honor and pleasure of meeting and working with many couples and families who have a member who physically disabled or challenged by being in a wheelchair, being blind, paraplegic or suffering from an illness. whatever it may be, a member of the family may be incapable of standing or walking through sand for any length of time, but don't want to miss the unique opportunity to have a family portrait session on a Kauai beach! They have many concerns and often think it won't be possible. I love to be able to assure them that I have the perfect beach with easy access and logistic ideas to access other beaches they may enjoy for their photography session. A favorite for wheelchair access in Hanalei Bay. The parking is right at the beach. Often times we shoot on the pier that has the concrete walkway and gorgeous panoramic of the bay! hen I know there will be kupuna (elders) in the family, I make sure to bring a chair and umbrella to keep them comfortable during our family portrait session. whatever the situation may be, I strive to make the experience one of the most memorable events of their Kauai vacation by working with each unique family to make sure their vision comes to fruition! Aloha!

Kauai family portraits

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