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Hanalei Bay Portraits

Hanalei Bay has a been a wonderful work partner this summer. I owe my inspiration to her with her majestic mountains , gentle waves, blues of every shade. To be able to capture families in this setting is always such an honor. There is no better place for family portraits in the summertime than Hanalei Bay! My Hanalei Bay Special portrait package has been so popular for families and senior portraits providing all of the iconic beauty of Kauai all in one location : ) It has been such pleasure to meet so many families from all over the world. At Hanalei Bay the earlier the better so we start our session at 7:00am and end by 8:00am before the crowds and heat come on. If you plan on being on Kauai soon please don't miss a chance to have the Hanalei Bay special portrait session!

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