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Favorite wedding venue on North Shore, Kaua'i

The north shore of Kauai is home to unbelievable beauty and hometown some of the most iconic locations in all of Hawaii. Many couples opt for simple beach weddings when their wedding will be small. A beach setting is the perfect choice for couple who are eloping or have just a small handful of friends and family. For couples who have decided to invited more friends and family to their island wedding then a local wedding venue is their best option. My all time favorite wedding venue during my long career in wedding photography on Kauai is hands down Hanalei Bay Resort. I have had the privilege of photographing hundreds of weddings here both big and small. A wedding venue like Hanalei Bay resort with provide couples with a wonderful experience, helping to plan and provide them with everything them will need or want for their special day. The wedding coordinator Deb Lebiet is the best! She is professional, friendly, efficient, organized and pays close attention to detail. She will hook you up with the best vendors on the island (like me!) She takes care of it all and allows you to sit back and enjoy your day. The actual grounds where weddings take place is called "wedding walk" and provides one of the most breathtaking panoramic views in the north shore. It simply can't be beat. A typical wedding here starts at the wedding walk for the ceremony and formal portraits of family and friends, then down to the beach in a golf cart for fun and romantic photos of the bride and groom alone. On the beach more panoramic views become visible like the famous "Bali Hai" and Hanalei Bay. I absolutely love this location for my wedding photography and highly recommend booking this venue!! ALOHA

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